Winter 2017/18

Dementia-Proof Brain: Tips and recipes for a healthy brain

A Path with Purpose: Mountain artists turn passions into livelihoods

Local Midwives: Providing a low-intervention birthing option

Fall 2017

Four Chefs, One Harvest: Teton-based Chefs Fuse Food with Community

Outbuildings Are In! Local Outbuildings Support the DIY Movement

Get Roasted: Tips and Techniques for Roasting Fall's Bounty

Summer 2017

Back in the Saddle: A Mommy-and-Me Fitness Gear Guide

Power Bowls: One Bowl Meals to Fuel Summer Adventures

Spring Clean Your Career: In Four Life-Altering Steps

Winter 2016/17

Girls on Guns: Local Ladies Talk Guns for Food, Guns for Sport, and Family Firearm Safety

Bone from Broth: Old-school Goes Trendy with this Belly-warming Elixir

Liberated from Incontinence: Learn How to Curb the Leak

Fall 2016

Out of Thin Air: Tweaks and Techniques for Baking at Altitude

Decoding the Common Core: Bringing to Light Changes in Education

The Energy We Eat: An Intro to Biodynamic Farming

Summer 2016

Refreshing Rejuvelacs ... and Other Fermented Belly Drinks

Oh Bee-Have: The Art and Science of Backyard Beekeeping

Families of Two: Childfree Couples on the Concept of Family

Winter 2015/16

Locals On The Rocks: Happy Hour with a Twist
Extreme Dads: Four Local Dads Balance Extreme Careers with Family Life
Commuter Cuisine: Make-Ahead Meals for a Family on the Fly

FALL 2015

Organic Chicken Bus: An Artful Home on the Farm
Eating Meat: Is It Healthy and Ethical?
Beyond Ramen: A College Survival Manual
    for Cooking Quick, Hearty Meals

Summer 2015

Choose Your Own Adventure: Seasonal Detoxing 101
Encore Farming: Retirees Get Down in the Dirt
A Whole-Hearth Approach: DIY Fire Pits
The ULTIMATE Kid's Summer Camp Guide


Winter 2014/15

What's Trending? Practical Mountain Couture for Men
Make Scents: Healing with Essential Oils
Manners School: Appropriate Conduct for Children of All Age
The (Not-So) Merry-Go-Round of Perimenopause

Fall 2014

Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy
Going Wheat in a Gluten-Free Era
B.Y.O.B. Home Brewing 101

Early Fall 2013

gourmet backpacking • mindfulness • paraben dangers • graceful aging • market recipes

Bountiful, abundant, copious—words that summarize my current schedule. I just took on this wonderful new role as editor of Teton Family Magazine, the back-to-school procession is just around the corner, and the bounty of this season’s harvest is overflowing the famer’s market stands, just waiting to be bought, prepped, canned, and stored.


Early Summer 2013

edible landscaping • raising chickens • soap making • homemade baby food • entrepreneurs

Living in this rough and wild place has always required Teton families to cultivate resilience, diversity, and independence. In this issue we celebrate this self-reliant spirit, and highlight some of our neighbors who have taken the challenges of the global recession, parenting and healthy living "by the horns."


Winter 2012-13

green gifts • eldercare • snowbiking • garden season extenders • inspired homes

As the holidays roll around, so often all of our energies turn toward our children. In this issue of Teton Family Magazine, we focus instead on our elders, and have dedicated eight pages to resources for seniors, a cautionary tale, and some tips on aging gracefully.

Fall 2012

raw milk • special needs kids • audiology • eco-lables • plant presses • tech

Here at Teton Family Magazine we strive to find the "common" in community. Fierce individualism is what brought our forebearers out West, and that trait thrives in most of us today. But it's the way we toss our individualism aside the moment a neighbor is in need that makes the Tetons such a great place to live. This issue has a strong focus on our citizens with special needs. 


Early Summer 2012

greenhouses • sugar • backyard art • baby gear • 4H • couponing

It's simply speculation that the first known use of the word "connect"  coincides with the Spanish and Portuguese explorations that led to first European sightings of the Americas and the sea passage along the Cape of Good Hope to India. A wide range of connections made this issue of Teton Family Magazine possible.

Winter 2011-12

radon • food photography • cars • winter compost • potlucks • family cookbooks

Now, just the fact that I had the luxury of flying across the world and working and traveling at the same time—thanks to iPhones and iPads and virtually uninterrupted Internet and cell service—is a direct benefit of globalization, energy into my family and community. Which brings us to another issue of Teton Family Magazine.