Some More S’mores!

Written and Photographed by Paulette Phlipot — Thinking about my childhood summer nights and campfires instantly reminds me of laughter, stories, music, and, of course, roasting marshmallows for s’mores with family and friends. S’mores—the all-time classic campfire treat loved by everyone—never seem to go out of style.  Whether you’re sitting under a starlit sky deep in the woods or entertaining in the comfort of the backyard, combining ooey-gooey marshmallows, buttery graham crackers, and melted chocolate is a crowd pleaser. Over the years, the ingredients of this classic dessert have remained the same, but, just like roasting sticks have evolved in…

Mountain Style: Grazing Rights

Building community, one bite at a time

In Season: Pastry’s Alter-Ego

Savory baked goods for the not-so-sweet-toothed

Mountain Style: Defining the Drip

By Olivia McGuire // Photography by Hannah Sourbeer — Teen style is unique. One of a kind.  The things teenagers wear today come from every time period of style imaginable. And the key word to describe it is “drip.” Your grandpa’s jeans—those are drip. The Birkenstocks your dad wore in college—those are drip. Your vintage Rolling Stone t-shirt that’s 30 years old, well, that’s as drip as it gets! As teenagers, we express ourselves with our style. It’s what makes us feel good. It’s how you fit in—or stand out. It’s what makes you, you.  I’m here to give you—the…

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