The Idaho Shag

By Christina Shepherd McGuire // Photography by Natalie Behring — It’s 6:30 a.m. Oreo and Bingo stand poised at my back door, ready to work. I open the door and give the command: “Go check the chickens.” The dogs dart over to the chicken coop, located on my property’s perimeter bordering the forest, and start […]

Into the Woods… Baby in Tow 

By Samantha Nock // Photography by Karissa Akin — Backpacking with your baby might sound daunting, but with the right preparation and mindset, it can be incredibly rewarding for both parents and children. From exploring nature’s wonders to fostering a love for the great outdoors, backpacking offers an opportunity to bond and create lasting memories.  […]

For the Love of Rhubarb

Tales of a one-crop garden …

On the Farm: A Rabbit Hole of Cuniculture

By Jenn Rein // Photography by Natalie Behring — For centuries, rabbits have been hunted and raised for meat. As far back as the Roman Empire, evidence exists that rabbits were raised in large underground warrens. Warren licenses in medieval Europe were issued to both the aristocracy and to townships. This indicates that the meat […]

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