Wellness Wired: The Best Room in Downtown Driggs

Healing derived from quantum physics

By Cate Stillman // Photography by Alison Brush and Unity Minton

I moved to Driggs in 1996. I was twenty-three; I wanted to become a natural healer. Teton Valley wasn’t exactly a hotbed of holistic wellness in 1996. But over the past two decades, the area has become a healing mecca. Today, we now have options and opportunities when it comes to how we heal and age. 

By the way, I did become a natural healer. And then a few decades later, I also developed cancer. (I have a genetic syndrome, that dramatically increased the likelihood of developing the disease—to well over 50 percent before I was fifty.) But I didn’t know I had uterine cancer until after surgery and the biopsy. 

While healing, I looked around for options. How could I support this process? A few people asked if I’d been to Dr. Jim Davis’s new EESystem™ center called Scalar Life-Dynamic Healing in Driggs. 

A Room that Vibrates

At the age of seventy-two, Dr. Jim Davis is an aberration for his generation. Open-minded and exploratory of holistic and energy medicine systems, Dr. Jim has served our community as a chiropractor and homeopath for more than three decades. 

In August 2022, Dr. Jim watched an interview with Dr. Sandra Rose Michael, PhD, DNM, DCSJl. Dr. Michael developed (more than twenty years ago) a stunning technology that uses custom-installed computers to generate bio-active energy fields called “scalar waves.” When a person enters this wave field, their electromagnetic field becomes “excited,” improving the body’s circulation and oxygenation, which increases cellular energy to restore health and balance.

Dr. Jim wanted to try it out, so he found an EESystem™ room in Murray, Utah, and traveled there with his wife, Lora, his co-worker, Shalise, and a friend. Dr. Jim noticed he was more peaceful and relaxed once he emerged from the room. The group left excited to make it happen here in the Tetons. And then six months later, he opened an EESystem™ center in downtown Driggs.

Hardly Woo-Woo Wellness

The EESystem™ has been clinically studied (it’s basically quantum physics). The studies provide evidence of the potential of bio-scalar energy to boost human cell regeneration, immune function, and neurotransmitter function. Scalar waves can help eliminate and nullify the effects of disruptive frequencies in the body (think, electromagnetic cellphone radiation), while allowing optimization of cellular energy levels. This means EESystems™ may provide the environment for the body to heal itself, enhancing your health and overall well-being. 

Using technology to heal isn’t a new thing, but the field is currently exploding. Immune therapy and cancer healing centers in Mexico use a range of technologies—including BEMER (Bio-Electro-Magnetic-Energy-Regulation), hypothermia, HALO light therapy, Tesla MedBeds, and sound wave chairs—to promote the healing of autoimmune-diseased tissue and elimination of cancerous cells. 

Although the EESystem™ has been around since 1998, rooms like Dr. Jim’s were reserved only for the ultra-wealthy. (Tony Robbins has a salt crystal room in his home, complete with the EE Scalar Life System. See his interview at scalarlife.com.) Dr. Jim’s room was the 46th installation worldwide, and now there are over 200.

The room is set up with two concentric circles of comfortable recliners, with room for thirteen people. You can buy an individual session, or a ten-session pass, on the website. Every hour, people come in carrying the stresses of life and leave feeling peaceful and rested.

Stenciled on the wall are words by Nikola Tesla, the inspiration for the Scalar Life System: If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration. 

Dr. Jim Davis (center) and his staff invite clients to “charge up their cells” in their EESystem™ Room.

The Tech

“The room doesn’t cure you, but it creates an energetic environment that supports healing within your cells,” says Dr. Jim. 

The healthy cells of the body hold an electrical charge of seventy to ninety millivolts. Cancer cells, as an example, only have a charge of twenty to thirty millivolts. The EESystem™ can help restore the cells to their optimal charge (and keep them there). And the bio photonic light produced by the system can help rejuvenate cells for ideal functionality.

“This is a place where you can charge up your cells,” says Dr. Jim. “I don’t want to convince anyone it will work for them. But I do invite people to try it and see what happens.”

The scalar wave produced by the EESystem™ can be measured in a 2.2-mile radius. Silverstar’s 5G tower sits right next to Dr. Jim’s office (radiofrequency fields above 6 GHz—particularly the 5G mobile phone network—have created public concern about possible adverse health effects), yet the EESystem™ nullifies 5G and other potentially harmful frequencies.

A Healing Oasis

“People are educating themselves and finding us,” says Dr. Jim. 

Soon after the room was up and running, a family from Montana wanted to use it as support for a member with breast cancer. The group booked three hours one afternoon and another three the next day. They were going to book a hotel, but then Dr. Jim had the idea to install a Murphy bed at the center. Now, the family comes regularly for overnight stays. 

To get your own healing started, arrive a few minutes early—not too hungry and not too full. If you prefer silence, darkness, or your own music, bring an eye mask and noise-canceling headphones, or a device with earbuds so you can listen to your own media. Select a chair, and relaxing music will be played during your session. Napping or meditating with your eyes closed is ideal. After your session, it’s important to use a sea salt detox bath or foot soak to pull toxins from your body within twenty-four hours of your session.

Dr. Jim is excited to provide a room for people to help heal themselves. If you ask clients why they return, they simply say they feel better, more energized, and recharged. 

I’m thankful for all the healers who have made Teton Valley their home. We all have more options because of their care and their investments in training and technology. Like me, you now have choices because of pioneers like Dr. Jim. I hope to see you there!

* To book a session, visit scalarlife.com | For clinical studies, visit eesystem.com/research